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I found that my English stops improving. What can I do with it?

August 24, 2021 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

When you were first learning English, sure you’ll see that you’re improving very fast.

But that’s only because you actually don’t really know anything then. You didn’t even know one English word.

And let’s say you only know a couple of English words as a beginner. And then you learn more words (either during your relaxed time or in your focused intensive learning). That’s already a lot of English! And of course that’s huge!

But see, learning English (as in any language) is exponential.

This means that the difference in the amount of learning you have to do increases more and more the bigger your progress is.

But to a certain extent, the answer to what you can do to improve your English depends on your situation… because everybody’s situation is different.

On its simplest level, if you want to improve your English (as my coaching clients did), you can start with a two-step process. It’s what I like to call the “Two Track Approach” which is:

  1. Focused intensive study (grow your bank of phrases, expressions, chunks, etc.)
  2. Relaxed usage and exposure (i.e., watching English TV programmes, reading English books, etc.)

But again, this depends on what level of English you’re in and what you’re actually aiming to improve on.

If you want to learn more about the Two Track approach (and other useful English-learning methods), you can start with the free training I created.

Hope that helps.

Dr Julian Northbrook

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