Are you "okay..." in English, but still struggle to sound awesome when you speak?

Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Hello, I'm Dr Julian Northbrook and I help intermediate and advanced English learners go from sounding slow and awkward in English, to speaking fluent, natural and confident English.

To help you do this quickly and easily, I put together a special free training for you. It's called "The Rocket Launch Method", and in it you're going to learn the 5 key changes you need to make to the way you learn and use English to see faster improvement.

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Who is this for?

  • You don't progress in English even though you've worked hard studying for years.
  • You understand 80% of what people say... but your speaking is slow, clumsy and childish.
  • You translate in your head as you speak.
  • You constantly get embarrassed by your own English.
  • You miss opportunities in your life and work because of your English.
  • You're too busy to spend time on English... but know better English would save you time.
  • Deep down you are secretly terrified you’ve reached the limit of what’s possible... and it's never going to get any better.


The free "Rocket Launch Method" training shows you the 5 key changes you need to make to the way you learn and use English improve FAST.

Most people are frustrated because they can’t speak English fluently or naturally… so to fix the problem, they’re memorising more vocabulary and studying more grammar rules.

But here’s the thing: this is making your problems worse, and not better.

And if you want different results?

You have to change the things you’re doing (otherwise you’ll continue to get the same crappy results).


Because I know if you study this training and do what I tell you…

.... you’ll improve in English.

I also know that at the end of the free training, you might want my personal help getting the work done, and transforming your English in as little as 90 days (and I'll show you how to get that help). 

Are You Ready to

Transform Your Life in English?

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