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What’s the best way to improve my English speaking and writing?

February 11, 2020 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

To a certain extent, the answer to what is the best way to improve your English speaking and writing is always going to be… “it depends”.

And that’s because everybody’s situation is different.

When I work with my coaching clients, about 80% of what everyone does is exactly the same, but it’s the 20% that’s customised to each person individually that often makes the biggest difference.

But to get you started, on its simplest level, improving (whether it’s speaking or writing in English) comes down to a two-step process. Or what I like to call the “Two Track Approach” which is:

  1. Focused intensive study and learning (aim to grow your bank of usable phrases, expressions, chunks, etc.)
  2. Usage and exposure (i.e., relaxed use of English where you’re not trying to learn)

Now, there are subtleties in every situation. There are certain things you should and shouldn’t do in each stage of this routine.

You can see a detailed explanation of the Two Track Approach (and other useful methods) in the free training that I created. I talk primarily about speaking because that’s mostly what I’m interested in, but the process is identical for writing as well.

So again, go to this link, if you’re interested.

Hope this helps.

Dr Julian Northbrook

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