Think English, Speak English

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Do translate in your head when you speak English?

If you are constantly thinking of everything in your head, trying to combine grammar rules and words and translating from your first language… not only will you speak slowly and awkwardly, but it’ll destroy your enjoyment of speaking English and frustrate others who just want to have a fun conversation with you.

This is where Think English, Speak English comes in.

This book will show you how to think in English when you speak English and stop performing ‘mental gymnastics’ every time you try to have a conversation.

If you’ve reached an intermediate to advanced level in English, can read, and understand a book like this BUT you still struggle to speak fluently and understand what people say instantly because—like many people—you’re stuck translating in your head

… Think English, Speak English will help.

The Goal is simple: to stop translating in your head, and think directly in English so you can speak, and understand, the language fluently like you do your native language.

Study this book carefully, put what you learn into practice, and speaking, and understanding, English will become a hell of a lot easier.

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