Master English FAST – An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English

If you’re struggling to learn English and speak English in your work, business or daily life you’re in the right place. 
Master English FAST, An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English, by Julian Northbrook, will get you started on the right track by showing you step-by-step what to do as an intermediate or advanced English learner to speak English as a second language.

In Master English FAST you will discover:

Chapter 1 – Why Your English Sucks

In Chapter 1 you will learn the top six reasons you struggle to speak English well… even though you have been learning English for a long time.

Chapter 2 – Start with Why

Why are you here, learning English? In Chapter 2 you learn about your goals and what language you need to learn to live life in English. You’ll also learn why YouTube may be stopping you from speaking English well… and what you need to do to be better at English.

Chapter 3 – Language and Language Learning 101

What is language? How can you learn a language effectively? What is “holistic learning”? And what are the three things essential to extraordinary English Speaking? What about pronunciation and accent? You’ll discover the answer to these questions, and more, In Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 – How English Mastery Really Works

In Chapter 4 Julian talks in detail about his two-step method for mastering English, which he likes to call the ‘world’s simplest English Mastery method’ … it really is that easy.

Chapter 5 – Learning All the Language You Need

How many words do you actually need to speak English well? And what should you learn first? You’re probably wasting a lot of time learning things that you don’t need. Hint: most native English speakers only use about 2.5% of their language.

Chapter 6: Learning Language Focused on Fluency and Naturalness

Native speakers don’t speak using grammar rules and individual words like you were taught in school. Instead, they use a different type of language to speak fluently and naturally. If you want to speak English like a native speaker, then, you need to learn this kind of language too.

Chapter 7: How to Sound Good and Not Be Boring

Just learning the language is not enough if you want to speak excellent English. You also need to know how to use that language to talk about things that are interesting and engaging to the listener. Chapter 7 shows you how.

Chapter 8: The Big “C” of Speaking Well

In this chapter you will read all about culture – what it is, and why it’s so important for you speaking English as a second language (especially business English). You will also learn about humour and being funny when you speak English, what to do when you don’t understand someone’s culture, and how to learn culture quickly and easily.

Chapter 9: Choosing Learning Materials

What are the best materials to learn English? Julian did a lot of research on this for his PhD work and it’s NOT textbooks (but also not most of the things you might find on the internet or YouTube). Chapter 9 will show you the best materials for learning and improving your English, fast.

Chapter 10: Fantastic Fluency

This chapter is all about building fluency, and Julian shares with you several effective exercises and techniques for practising your fluency.

Chapter 11: Speaking Accurately and Naturally

In Chapter 11 Julian teaches you several exercises for learning to speak natural English. This is not the same as speaking accurate English…

Chapter 12: Effective Speaking Made Dead Simple

Finally, in chapter 12 Julian teaches you how to go beyond just speaking English well… and speak English REALLY well. Julian’s goal for you is to get you speaking extraordinary English that makes people go, “Wow!!”.

How to Get It

Master English FAST is available is available on Amazon either as a Kindle book or as a paperback book (coming soon).

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Dr Julian Northbrook