What if you could make more money for less time and hassle, while also getting better results for your students? 

The Extraordinary English Teacher Project is for English teachers and teachers of other languages who want to impact and inspire their students while making more money with less stress, less hassle and fewer headaches.

This is primarily for freelance teachers and language school owners. But it'll also be useful for you teach English at school or employed by someone else in a commercial school.

But this is strictly only for English teachers.

Until early 2020, The EET Project was done as one-on-one coaching with a small number of English teachers.

No longer.

I've decided to recreate the programme in the form of an on-going monthly print newsletter combined with a group discussion once a month to discuss and implement the ideas you learn.

This is going to launch in the new year...

But if you're interested and want to start right away, add yourself to the email list below and I'll send you (free) tips for running a successful language teaching business.

Ge the free tips here:

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