Coaching Booking ー All Done

That’s it.

You’re all booked in for your call with me.

You need to fill this questionnaire out.

I MUST have it 24 hours before your call, or I will cancel the call.

The Rules

  • I use Zoom for coaching calls. You’ll get an email that looks like this:
    • Click on the Zoom link at the appointed time to log in (you’ll need to install the app, so it’d be a good idea to log in 5 minutes early).
  • I don’t wait. If you’re more than 2 minutes late I cancel the call.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your call please email my beautiful assistant Kim — Don’t just not turn up (and if you do that you’ll never schedule anything with me again, ever).
  • I repeat – you need to fill out the questionnaire, and I MUST have it 24 hours before your call.

If all this seems Draconian…  I know. But call-in days are exhausting and they’re even more exhausting if I have to fuck about chasing, babysitting, and hand-holding people.