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Wanna practise with me? *wink wink*

May 1, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Got this in my inbox today:

Hi julian

I wanna to help me how to speak english
and i wanna to practice how about you

thanks you

Nothing personal to this person, though I would advise them to work on their approach a bit…. but there’s a HUGE problem here:

I already speak English: why on earth would I want to practise it?

Loo, watch this video:

The real problem though is that this proposition isn’t “win-win”.

He gets everything; I get nothing. It’s no different than walking up to a girl you’ve never met and saying: “My bedroom technique isn’t very good… I want to practise sex with you — how about it?”

Think that will work?

No, neither do I.

Sure, a direct approach can work — but only if you’ve built a solid relationship first (and even then I wouldn’t tell a girl you want to “practise” unless you want to get laughed at).

I blame conversation schools and their bad advertising…

… but if you really want to get good at English and be successful with the language?

Stop this “will you practise with me” rubbish.


P.S. Not sure how to improve or practise your English? Grab a copy of my book here.


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