Transform Your English in 90 Days

This is a 'quick version' of the very long and detailed “Master English FAST Accelerator Course" (MEFA) information page.

Here you can get the basic information quickly, and then if you think the course is right for you... sign up for my daily email tips and I'll send more detailed information.


What is MEFA?

MEFA is a 12 week group coaching course with weekly study and homework tasks designed to:

  • Give you as big a boost in English-speaking proficiency, as possible over the 90-days (you probably can't be finished in that time, but many key problems can be fixed which will make a huge difference).
  • Get you totally clear about everything you need to do to keep improving in English in your real-life consistently and forever (remember: you can't be finished in 90 days; ultimately it's going to take consistent implementation).

Each week’s training session, homework tasks and the daily feedback from Julian is packed with actionable techniques to change the most important parts of your English as fast as possible. The weekly group coaching calls and support you get via the discussion group is designed to help you customise what you learn to you personally (because everyone is different, and there is no "one-size fits all" ... despite what many people will try and tell you).


To be right for MEFA, you must meet the following requirements (if you don't meet all of these there's no point in joining, or even me sending you more information).

  • You must be thick-skinned (I can’t work with people who get offended at the slightest criticism).
  • You must be able to listen to advice without letting your own opinions about learning English get in the way.
  • You must have a real need for English (whether you use English now in work, daily life or have a clear future need – i.e. this is not for hobbyists).
  • You must commit to finishing the course. Statistics show the average completion rate for online courses is only between 5% and 15%... the completion rate for MEFA is currently 97%. Why? Because I'm extremely strict about requiring you to submit homework, on time, before deadlines. If you join and don't do the work (and don't have a good reason such as an emergency) I will not hide my displeasure. MEFA fills to capacity almost every month, so joining and not participating means you've stolen the opportunity from someone else. 

Also, one more thing:

The MEFA course is not a magic pill that will transform your English simply by joining and doing nothing.

It takes time and work.

For the opportunity to join and more detailed information about everything we do in MEFA, first subscribe to my daily emails.

Dr Julian Northbrook

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