Keep Getting Julian’s Emails

It’s that time of year again – spring cleaning.

Well, “spring” is probably the wrong word.

New Year Cleaning, perhaps.

Anyway, every year I ask people to re-subscribe to the Doing English Daily Emails, and anybody who doesn’t gets deleted. I do this to keep the quality of my email list high, and hey, if you’re not interested any more…  that’s fine. No point in me emailing you.

So do you want to keep getting my emails?

If no: simple – do nothing, and I’ll remove you in a week.

If yes: also simple – just enter your email address below (you may need to confirm your email address, in which case you’ll receive an email asking you to).

Because I know this is a hassle to do, as a gift for doing it I’ll also send you a guide a created recently about sounding more natural when you speak English.

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