Published and pending research projects:

  • Northbrook, J., Conklin, K., & Allen, D. (pending publication). “Did you see that?” – The role of repetition and enhancement on lexical bundle processing in English learning materials.
  • Northbrook, J., & Conklin, K. (pending publication). “That sounds about right” – An examination of lexical bundle naturalness intuitions in native and non-native English speakers.
  • Northbrook, J., & Conklin, K. (2018). “What are you talking about?” An analysis of lexical bundles in Japanese junior high school textbooks. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 23(3), 311-334 – available here.
  • Northbrook, J., & Conklin, K. (2018). Is What You Put in What You Get Out? — Textbook-derived Lexical Bundle Processing in Beginner English Learners. Applied Linguistics, 40(5), 816-833 – available here.

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