You're In!

Have you ever seen a rocket take off?​

It takes a massive explosion of energy—3.5 million kilograms of thrust in fact—to fight gravity, and get up, off the ground, and into space.

But once it’s there?

The space shuttle just glides along easily, with no resistance.

You’re in!

You’ve been sent two emails:

  1. One with the subject line “[MEFA] Welcome”.
  2. And another with “[MEFA] Bonuses”.

Go check those now, because they have the information you need to get set up and, of course, links to the bonuses.

If you don’t see the email check your spam folder.

Finally, if you have problems email my beautiful and ever-patient assistant Kim: Her office hours are 7am-3pm Manilla time, Monday to Friday.

I (Julian) don't check my email that often, so 9 times out of 10 Kim will be able to get back to you much faster.

Thanks again, and can't want to see what you do in the course.

     Julian Northbrook

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