Accelerate Your English Learning by Getting the First 90 Days Right – Priority Notification

If you're interested in joining MEFA, add yourself to the priority notification list. Sometimes I open enrolment to the whole Doing English daily email tips subscribers, but often the course fills up too fast for that (sometimes as quickly as an hour after opening).

There are also bonuses and things that you'll only get if you're on the priority notification list.

However, I do not recommend you add yourself to the priority notification list unless:

  1. You have already read the information page very carefully.
  2. You are serious about mastering English and are prepared to put in the time and effort required (MEFA is very hard work).
  3. You are thick skinned and can take blunt feedback and criticism.

Also, MEFA is not for you if English is just a hobby. I expect you to have an obvious need for English – either right now, or in the near future.

I only take 15 people each month and the next enrolment date will be January 24th @8am Ireland time.

If all that sounds good, add yourself to the Priority Notification list here:

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If you're not sure if MEFA is right for you (or you for it), send me an email explaining your situation –