Lockdown Lifestyle Registration

This is the page to register on Lockdown Lifestyle.

I’ll be delivering this life, Monday April 27th to Friday May 1st, 11am each day.

In the first three parts we’ll cover everything discussed here.

This video explains how to set up (it was for MEFA, but the process is exactly the same for Lockdown Lifestyle).

Note: the email to send to is lockdown-lifestyle@citybizzy.com.

  • You can only email the discussion group from the email address you register.
  • You MUST register BEFORE you can email the group.

To register

Use the form below to add yourself to the Lockdown Lifestyle Email Group. This is where I’ll send links to the Zoom calls, as well as the recordings.

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If the confirmation email doesn’t come, wait 15 minutes (sometimes it takes a little while). Also, check your spam folder (sometimes it ends up there).