How to Get the Fastest Results

Have you ever taken a karate class?

If you have, you’ll know that you start at the beginning with a white belt. Then you move on to the yellow belt. Next, orange, then green. You can’t skip straight to a black belt.

In the same way, my English Speaking mastery system is designed to be followed in a specific order.

The best results come from a short, very intensive period of training… followed by a longer, more relaxed (but consistent) period of learning and practise.

Step 1 – Master English FAST

If you’re struggling to learn English and speak English in your work, business or daily life as an intermediate to advanced learner, Master English FAST – An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English, will show you step-by-step what to do.

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Or if you want to accelerate your progress, you might want to consider the MEF Accelerator Programme which goes much, much deeper into the method and psychology of speaking excellent English on command, without hesitation.

Step 2 – Extraordinary English Speakers

Once you know how to improve your English speaking, you need to implement the system consistently over time. Some people choose to do this alone, but tho

This is where the Extraordinary English Speakers group comes in. You’ll get support from me, all your questions answered, feedback on your English (also from me) and weekly lessons to study.

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Note: at a minimum, I require you to read the book of Master English FAST before you’re eligible to join EES.

Already done all of this?

There’s more. Click here for a range of ebooks, and here for advanced courses.