Fearless Fluency: Speak English with Extraordinary Confidence

Do you speak English confidently? Or are you paralysed by fear?

It’s hard enough to learn English. But when you’re not confident? It’s even harder.

Fearless Fluency, by Julian Northbrook, will take you through the confident English speaking mindset and will show you how to speak with confidence next time (and every time) you speak English.

Have you ever seen a rocket take off?

It takes a massive explosion of energy—3.5 million kilograms of thrust in fact—to fight gravity, and get up, off the ground, and into space.

But once it’s there?

The space shuttle just glides along easily, with no resistance.

I was never confident…

When I was younger I was shy and not confident in front of people. And this held me back and made improving my second language hard. I never took the opportunities I had to really use my Japanese… because I was afraid.

Fearless Fluency will show you how to speak English confidently and fluently.

Yes, I’ve been there. And this is why I know you CAN overcome your fear of speaking English if you want to.

If you want to speak English confidently and be more confident in your everyday life, it’s likely you’re going to need to make changes to the way that you think and behave. But pay attention, apply the lessons I share, and your confidence will grow.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in Fearless Fluency

  • Why some people succeed in English, and others fail (make your YOU succeed).
  • What confidence REALLY is (hint: it’s probably not what you think, and this is making it hard for you to overcome your fear).
  • A lesson from the film Jurassic World that could help you speak confident English (and be happier in life in general).
  • How to stand out as confident in English, and gain the respect of everyone around you.
  • The “Three Fears” of speaking English as a second language (and how to overcome then easily, by yourself).
  • The evolutionary reason you feel nervous and afraid when you have to speak English (and the shocking truth about human beings… but just knowing this is enough to break the bad habit).
  • How the most famous, successful people in the world became successful… and how you can (and should) copy what they did with your English.
  • The true meaning of “failure” that you won’t find in any dictionary.
  • The unconventional secret to doing any interview confidently in English.
  • How to eliminate embarrassment from your life quickly and easily.
  • A lesson from one of the world’s most successful beer brands that you can (and should) apply to everything you do.
  • One simple habit that has nothing to do with speaking English… BUT can help you to be much more confident in English.

Three Ways to Get It

Fearless Fluency is available either as an Amazon Kindle book, paperback (also via Amazon) or you can get it directly from me as a .pdf file.


Julian Northbrook

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