EES Special

You’ve finished MEFA, but are consistently doing what you learned?

If yes, great.

If no, then that’s what EES is for – graduates of MEFA who need ongoing lessons simply given to them each week, and ongoing coaching and support.

The Extraordinary English Speakes group is for graduates of MEFA, and gives you ongoing lessons to study and coaching.

Membership Includes When You Join Today:

  • A lesson to study Every Monday, just like the “supplementary” lessons you did in MEFA — simply do the lesson each week, and watch your English grow at a terrific pace.
  • An archive of 350+ past lessons and trainings for when you have extra time or a specific topic you need to speak about — got a specific topic you need to speak about? Just use the topic-search tool, and the chances are we already have a lesson targeted to it, or something very close (and if not, let me know and I’ll make one).
  • Access to the Weekly Group Coaching Calls — every week we have a group coaching meeting via Zoom to discuss any questions, problems and challenges you face with your English (these sessions are normally 11:15 am Ireland time, but I do switch the times around depending on my schedule).
  • Access to the Self-Service Coaching bank — every week I record the group coaching calls and cut out the best and most popular questions. These go into the Self-Service Coaching (SSC) bank so that you can get instant solutions to your exact problems. For example, what is the best way to get good at debating a topic in English? How should you deal with aggressive co-workers in English? Or what if you need to read a lot or information in English, but are struggling to do it easily? Solutions to these problems are already in the bank.
  • Special rates on courses, seminars and workshops that I run, as well as occasional free “member” courses.

Subscribing to EES is normally €98/ month, but until September 27th you can join for €580/ year which works out as 50% off.

It’s an ongoing, automatic yearly payment and there are strictly no refunds on subscriptions for any reason (so if you join make sure you mark the date in your calendar) – but you can cancel (by yourself, or I can help you) any time.

Click here to start your membership.

Dr Julian Northbrook

P.S. Got a question? Email me: