A Special Plan For Those Eager to get Started on their English RIGHT AWAY

So, you’re interested in investing in EES.

Either because you’re just curious about the price, or because you understand that as Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Wise words, those.

However, it seems you haven’t done my 90-day MEFA course.

I prefer people do MEFA before EES.

MEFA provides the foundation and is all about reconditioning your habits and getting you a massive boost in proficiency. EES then continues from that and is about consistent implementation over time.

So honestly? I want everyone to complete MEFA.

I’ve long found this is the most effective process and the fastest road to mastery.

But MEFA only opens once a month… and I get that you want to start RIGHT NOW.

So here’s what I’ll do:

Join EES now (which you’ll get access to right away). And in addition, I’ll give you a free place on the next run of MEFA (it starts on the first Monday of every month).

EES is currently €1,300/ year (automatically billed, but you can cancel yourself any time) and MEFA is €700 for the course. Normally people pay for these separately… so this is a pretty generous deal.

But to be clear, if you join, you join. There’s no backing out. Understand there are strictly no refunds on the course and all sales are final (I only want people serious about doing the work to join).

You’ll get access to Extraordinary English Speakers right away (and I’ll send you an email after you join showing you how to get the most out of the programme immediately, even before MEFA). Then you’ll start MEFA on the first Monday of the coming month.

The place to sign up is here.



P.S. There’s detailed information about the MEFA here and EES here.