Think English, Speak English

Are you stuck translating in your head?

If you are, don’t worry.

The problem can be fixed, and you can learn to speak English while thinking directly in English (without your first language getting in the way).

But first, you need to understand WHY it happens.

Watch this video:

Three Reasons You DON’T Think in English

In a nutshell…

  1. The kind of language you learned was wrong.
  2. The way you learned left you with bad translation habits.
  3. And your level of ‘activation’ is weak.

How to Stop Translating and Think in English

First, as with anything the key is to know why you’re translating in your head. If you’ve watched (and understood) the video above, you’re now aware of the problem and why it happens. The next step is to change the kind of language you learn, the way you learn and strengthen your level of ‘activation’ in English.

To learn how to do this…

Check out my book Think English, Speak English.

Julian Northbrook
The Language Punk

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