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Master English FAST

An uncommon guide to speaking extraordinary English for intermediate to advanced learners.

Learn how to speak English extraordinarily, building your fluency and accuracy fast. Quite simply, learn to sound like a natural. If you’re struggling to learn English and speak English in your work, business or daily life you’re in the right place. Master English FAST, An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English, by Julian Northbrook. will show you step-by-step what to do as an intermediate or advanced English learner to speak English as a second language.


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Awesome Accent

Do You Like the Way Your English Accent Sounds?

How you sound in English matters.

Research shows this very clearly. Native speakers judge people with clear, easy to understand accents as proficient in English (even if in reality they’re only beginners). On the other hand, they judge people whose accents are hard to understand as being low-level (Even if they’re “advanced” on paper).

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Fearless Fluency

Do you speak English confidently? Or are you paralysed by fear?

It’s hard enough to learn English. But when you’re not confident? It’s even harder. This book will take you through the confident English speaking mindset and will show you how to speak with confidence next time (and every time) you speak English.

Fearless Fluency will show you how to speak English confidently and fluently.

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Think English, Speak English

Do translate in your head when you speak English?

This book will show you how to think in English when you speak English and stop performing ‘mental gymnastics’ every time you try to have a conversation.

If you’ve reached an intermediate to advanced level in English and can read, and understand a book like this… BUT you still struggle to speak fluently and understand what people say instantly because—like many people—you’re stuck translating in your head, this book can help.

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Magnetic Chit-Chat

Magnetic Chit-Chat will show you how to speak charismatically in English conversation, even when English is your second language.

Whether you use English in business or in day-to-day life, if you want to speak in a way that leaves people thinking, “Wow, they’re so good at English!” – this book is for you.

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Advanced English Conversation

Do You Speak Well in English Conversation?

Advanced English Conversation is the what, why and how of speaking extraordinarily well in English Conversation. 

You’ll learn, step by step, what you need to do to become advanced in conversation as an English learner, why those things are important… and HOW to get everything you need to learn, learned.

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