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Will Reading Advanced Texts Out Loud Improve Speaking?

April 7, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Here’s an interesting question:

I want to ask you: do you think that is enough reading long advanced text and repeat more and more times again, one or two days in succession, for some months? I will improve my pronunciation and reading and comprehension skills and in my opinion even speaking.


I doubt it.

Watch this video where I explain:

You get good at what you practise.

But people don’t speak like this in conversation. Writing is writing. Speaking is speaking. They’re not the same. The style isn’t the same. And the language isn’t the same (well, unless it’s something written in a conversational style — but anything described as an “advanced text” isn’t going to be). There’s a fundamental misunderstanding here… that practising “advanced” stuff will make you better at English.

It won’t. Research proves this.

Because we don’t SPEAK using “advanced” words and patterns of language.

Everyday conversation, whether it’s in business or social situations, uses a surprisingly small number of words and grammar patterns.

What matters is how you COMBINE the words you know and use.

Ninety-nine percent of the time… THAT is the problem. You speak fairly well, but you don’t speak in native-like chunks (and it’s these chunks that make you fluent and natural sounding).

There’s a detailed article on chunking here.


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