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Why the “ideal study routine” might not be best for you

March 13, 2021 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Over the years I’ve developed and optimised what I believe to be the “best” study routine for people wanting to speak (much) better English.


Although it’s super effective, it assumes people are all the same.

Which they’re obviously not.

This is why I constantly tell my boys and girls in MEFA:

  1. The best-practice, “ideal” routine needs to be modified for you personally, customised to fit what works for you, in your life.
  2. Getting just 60% of the potential benefit from your daily study routine is better than getting 0% because your current situation can’t support perfection.

Hell, even 1% is better than 0%.

So yes, while I do believe using the correct “Method” is important, and that doing it in the ideal way can get the fastest results, the truth is your life is a complex balance of priorities and doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing.

Now, what is this “ideal” routine?

That’s for my clients to know, and for you to wonder about. Unless of course, you choose to become a client:


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