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What to do if your English School doesn’t work

October 3, 2019 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Question someone asked:

“My friend has been taught English very ineffectively for almost two years. How can his English improve to a conversational level without changing school?”

Total contradiction.

If the way he is being taught is ineffective, and if he hasn’t improved in two years the school is obviously shit.

Why the bloody hell would you want to stay?

He should stop wasting his time and money on it.

I don’t know what school he goes to. So I can’t really comment. But what I can say is that language (English especially) schools are notoriously bad.I hear the same thing all the time from clients:”I want to such-and-such a school for [insert number of years here] but I never got the results I wanted.”

And it’s not surprising.

So-called English teachers who’ve never learned a second language themselves. Who still think grammar and vocabulary is the best way to teach. Who have no clue about any of the developments in second-language research and who are reliant on textbooks (whether they’re appropriate to the student or not) so he (or she) doesn’t have to put any real effort into lesson planning.

Not to mention school owners most certainly don’t have students’ best interests in mind. I had a friend back in Tokyo who worked at a school I’ll leave unnamed who was reprimanded by his manager. His students were getting too good, too fast he was told. Slow down. We want to keep them paying their fees as long as possible.


This is turning into a rant, but the point is, keep doing the same thing and you’ll keep getting the same results. If you’re in this situation and not improving you should quit.

Quit, and do something else.

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