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The “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” Guide to Improving in English

January 10, 2021 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Right now I’m reading a book called: “I will teach you how to be rich” by Ramit Sethi.

It’s all about wealth building.

And it’s good (they call the guy the “Wealth Wizzard” for a reason).

But right near the beginning of the book, Sethi explains how we can understand people’s approach to money… by looking at their approach to their health.

Everybody starts off saying, “I’ll never let myself get fat and unhealthy!” explains Sethi. But then they develop the wrong habits, do the wrong things… and before they know it they’ve gained a ton of weight and they’re fat and unhealthy.

They don’t track calorie intake (just like people don’t track spending).

They eat more than they realise (just like they spend more than they realise).

And they want to lose weight… but instead of just doing the “big” simple, but important things that work for losing weight… they spend countless hours arguing tiny insignificant details with their friends, instead. Finally, instead of listening to expert advice based on research, they value anecdotal advice instead. That is, from friends, family and random people on the internet… who are just as unhealthy as they are.

Sethi uses this as an analogy for money.

But it’s identical to improving in English.

If you’ve reached the intermediate to advanced level, but you’re frustrated and have stopped progressing… know this – if you’re not moving forward, you’re not doing the right things.

Simple as that.

Want to get better results?

Change the things you’re doing.

There’s a ton of contradictory advice out there, and if you want to spend (waste) all your time listening to anecdotal advice on the internet… be my guest. (It always makes me laugh when someone with terrible English tells others how to learn English…). If you’re fine with getting overwhelmed or wasting all your time focusing on tiny, insignificant details of your English instead of the “big” things that have a massive impact on your English for minimum time and effort… then go ahead.

Or you could join MEFA.

And I’ll coach you through the process.

MORE: the course doesn’t start for a few weeks. But you can get started right away. And in fact, my recommendation is this: the very second you enrol, open your “bonuses” email (I’ll send it right away) and find the “Taipei Training” session. This is a 2-hour English mastery “Crash Course” designed to get you started improving your English… by the end of today.

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