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Stop trying to change the world, and start changing yourself

November 9, 2014 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

You probably already know this.

But I have very little tolerance for people who whine (=complain) about their lives.

Something I hear a lot from people who use English at work…

… Is how ‘unfair’ it is.

It takes them ages to write an email in English, they say. But the reply from their native-speaker clients comes back instantly.

Or native speakers have it easy in meetings…

Because English is their first language.

People who use English as a second language, however, have a tough time. It’s hard to understand. People speak too fast. It’s just not fair, blah blah blah.


Quit complaining and get good at English. Learn the language you need. And just do it.

This kid was born with no arms

… but look at him.

He brushes his own teeth and even writes his own school work.

Is he complaining because he’s a bit slower at it than everyone else?


And what about this woman?

She has 50 orgasms a day. Try writing an email quickly when you can’t stop orgasming.

But is she complaining?

No. She’s getting on with her life.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

It’s as simple as that.

Don’t like your English? Think things are ‘unfair’?

Stop trying to change the world, and start changing yourself.


Julian Northbrook

P.S. Reading Chapter 1 of my best selling book for free would be a good start.

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