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On the Bitter-sweetness of language learning

December 4, 2019 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

I’ve been in Taipei for just over 24 hours.

And you know what?

I love it.

Reminds me of Tokyo, but with several important differences.

Language being one of them.

I’d forgotten how frustrating it is to be somewhere where you don’t understand the language (even the basics).

Watch the video here:

Throwing yourself into the deep-end of language learning is a bitter-sweet experience.

On the on hand, it’s good fun.

On the other, it’s frustrating as hell.

Not to worry though.

I’m here for just over two weeks: and there’s a LOT can be done in that time.

Of course, I’ll be following all my own advice.

And to help you do the same, until December 11th you can get a copy of my “Master English FAST” audiobook free when you order a paperback copy (this does not normally come included).

Advice that’ll be giving in our event on December 11th.

Info here:



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