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“Julian – Now You’re Selling an Accent Book… What’s Going On?”

September 4, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Got about Awesome Accent comment:

“You were always claiming that accent does not matter at all and even that story of a guy from his native country studying in another one and then anybody trust him because he’s different but with a native English accent, and now selling and accent product so what’s going on?”

Well, Raul, if you bothered to read the book…

… if even just the book’s information page, you’d see that I very clearly explain this. Never mind.

Here’s a video which explains:

Make sense?


Look, I get that this might be a bit confusing, because yes, I do seem to be contradicting myself.

But I’m not.

Look, I’ve never say “accent does not matter at all”.

That’s bollox.

The Way You Sound in English Matters

The way you sound in English clearly DOES matter. How could it not? What I’ve always said is that WHAT accent doesn’t matter. This does not mean the same thing. It means that it doesn’t matter whether you speak like a Brit, like an American… or indeed, like someone from your country (which I reckon is best for most people).

This said…

Things are Never Simple

I’ve never claimed things to be so black-and-white. Yes, for most people in most situations YOUR OWN accent is perfectly fine — again, preferable, even. But that doesn’t mean it’s true of everyone in every situation (which I’ve always been pretty clear about).

So What is Awesome Accent About?

Awesome Accent is about … speaking with an awesome accent. Not a British Accent. Not an American Accent. Not an Aussie, Kiwi, Irish or Canadian Accent.

An AWESOME accent.

It does what it says on the tin.

You can (and should) claim your copy here.

It’s available as a Kindle book, paperback, and regardless of how you get it (which you can do here) you get the complete audio version included for free.

Here’s that link again.


P.S. If you’ve already got Awesome Accent…

1. Don’t forget to register your copy to get the audio version.
2. Please leave a review on Amazon in return for my eternal gratitude.

Otherwise, here’s the link to get it.

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