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How to Speak Purple English

October 11, 2017 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Ever heard of Seth Godin?

He’s written some of the best business books available. But his ideas aren’t just applicable to business.

They’re applicable to life in general…

… and to your English.

The first book I read by him was “Purple Cow” – all about building a remarkable business in a world full of mundane businesses. And it’s still one of the best.

The idea is simple…

You’re driving down a country road, and you see hundreds of storybook cows grazing on picturesque pastures. Wow! They’re beautiul! You continue to marvel at the scene for kilometres upon kilometres…

… until then get boring and you simply don’t notice them anymore. Every cow looks the same. They’ve stopped being interesting. They might be big cows, small cows, attractive cows or ugly cows. Doesn’t matter. They’re boring. Then suddenly out of nowhere appears a PURPLE cow.


Now that’s exciting.

The purple cow is an extraordinary cow among the mundane cows, and it gets all the attention and excitement.

Question is…

When it comes to English, are you one of the countless numbers of boring cows? Or are you PURPLE?

Because you NEED to aim for extraordinary.

Don’t settle for mundane English abilities… aim to be outstanding. Extraordinary. The best of the best of the best.

Speak Purple English…

… and get out there and MAKE WAVES in the world of international busienss.

Master English FAST will show you how to do just that.

Get your copy here.


Julian Northbrook
Language Punk. Purple.

P.S. Here’s what Misao, one MEF reader said:

“I used to struggle badly in speaking English even after I’d got the first grade of Eiken English proficiency test. But now I can enjoy conversation with native English speakers in both business and private scenes without any mental stress.”

You can do the same.

Just click here, order your copy, and we’ll have it in tomorrow’s post.

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