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How to Speak Good English

June 3, 2019 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Want to know how to speak good English? This free article and video will show you how to speak awesome sounding English at an advanced level.

Fantastic English that people love to listen to means knowing more than than just words and grammar.

Quite a lot more, in fact.

how to speak good english
just knowing random bits of English isn’t going to help you speak better English

Imagine a pile of car parts

You’ve got gears, bits of metal and glass. Springs and oil.

But it looks nothing like a car yet… you can’t drive it. You can’t sit in it. And it’s certainly not going to impress any girls.

But if you have the right parts AND know how to assemble them, then−and only then−you can create a car. And of course, you can make different kinds of car depending on the quality of the parts you have, as well your own knowledge, thinking, values and preferences.

Improving Spoken English is the same

As a beginner, it’s quite easy to get by and simply communicate by sticking all your words and grammar together to express what you mean. But it lacks elegance, depth and doesn’t make you an interested person to talk to.

This shouldn’t be your focus as an advanced speaker.

See, while native speakers don’t care much about your grammar or vocabulary mistakes… but they do care about the depth and the quality of the conversation they have with you.

Advanced English speaking

The way you speak is a combination of the language you have. the knowledge you have and the way you think (which is largely to do with your cultural conditioning).

You need three things:

  • Language
  • Knowledge
  • Culture

I call this the LKC TRIANGLE.

And you need all of these three things in balance if you want to improve your spoken English.

This lesson explains in detail:

So you see, advanced English speaking is about more than just the words, phrases and expressions you know. You have to go deeper than that (which is one of the reasons getting really good at English may even change your identity).

Going further with this

If you need my help learning how to listen and speak English well, click take a look at my book Advanced English Conversation, which talks about developing your “LKC Triangle” to speak well in conversation.


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