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How to Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

August 5, 2017 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

How to speak fluent English without hesitation?

Good question and one many of you are asking.

Have a watch of this video:

Having trouble speaking English?

First, when people tell me they’re having trouble speaking, having to spend too long thinking about what they need to say, can’t respond quickly and are hesitating….

… the first thing I ask them is this:

How much time are you putting into learning English every day?

Generally, it’s not much.

You see, what happens is people have a conversation in English, totally screw it up and end up feeling horribly embarrassed about their English. At this time they’re really motivated. But then as soon as the embarrassment fades, it all becomes too much effort… and they do nothing. Not until the next time they embarrass themselves in English.

Then they just repeat the process.

This is a pretty shitty way to get good at English.

How to speak fluent English without hesitation?

Simple ー

Put time and effort into getting good at English!

Mastering a language really isn’t hard. Learn the language, then practise what you’ve learned until it’s automatic and do it Repeat (watch my free training if you’re not sure what to do).

Again, pretty simple.

But you’ve actually got to do the fucking work to see results.


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