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How to Respond in English Quickly and Automatically

May 10, 2014 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Mastering a language comes down to a simple 2-step process.

First, learn the language you need. Next, practise the language you’ve learned until it’s automatic.

But here’s the thing…

Both of these stages are necessary. You can’t just skip learning and go straight to practise. It won’t work. Because if you haven’t learned the right phrases, expressions and chunks of language… you will be practising the WRONG things. You have to learn the right language. If you’re learning phrases and expressions that nobody actually uses, you won’t be able to respond or speak automatically in conversation.

You also can’t just learn more and more and more, and never practise it.

Learning puts information in short-term memory. But unless you do something to hard-code it in long-term memory, you’ll never be able to use it automatically.

In fact, both of these things are among the biggest mistakes English learners make.

  1. Trying to practise without proper learning.
  2. And learning with our proper practise.

There are 5 more big mistakes English learners make (there are more, but I’ve counted 6 main ones – including what I talk about here).

Want to know what they are?

Click here and read the first chapter of my book, Master English FAST (you can read the first chapter for free – just go here). In it, I’ll share how I mastered the world’s hardest language, how you can do the same, and The 7 Big Mistakes intermediate to advanced English learners make.

The place to go for that is here.


P.S. Here’s a video I made (many years ago) on this topic:

P.P.S. Read Chapter 1 of my best-selling book, Master English FAST for free – here.

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