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How to improve my pronunciation?

February 18, 2021 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

This is part of the “Fly on the Wall” series: your chance to listen in on a real coaching conversation.

Here, we talk about improving pronunciation in English.

My MEFAer was worried about her pronunciation because she finds some sounds difficult, and she felt this makes her English bad. Really, though, her pronunciation is actually very clear and easy to understand…. but her rhythm is not so good.

Like many people, she tends to speak in a word-by-word way and doesn’t articulate her English as chunks well.

Here was my advice:

This is a very common problem, but one fairly easy to fix.

For more on improving the “sound” of your English – your accent, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation – go here and pick up a copy of my book Awesome Accent for the “cheaper than lunch” option, or consider joining us in the next MEFA group.

Dr Julian Northbrook

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