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How Important is Attitude?

November 28, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Here’s a question for you ー

How important is attitude when it comes to mastering the English language?

When it comes to mastering the English language, you need to get three things right.

They’re what I like to call the three pillars of English improvement.

  1. You need a method which works.
  2. You need materials that are going to teach you real, natural samples of English so you can speak English and be confident you’re saying the right thing.
  3. And then the most important pillar: mindset.

You see, even if you’re using the best method?

The most AMAZING materials (just like those that I give you in Extraordinary English Speakers) …

If your mindset is wrong?

You’re fucked.

The Overpowering Power of Mindset

If your attitude is not conducive to getting the hard, often uncomfortable work done and to learning the English you need, to getting out into the real world and actually using your English…then honestly? It’s all a total waste of time.

Here’s a good example…

The Brits VS The Dutch

Think of the differences better the UK and the Netherlands when it comes to speaking a second language.

On the one hand we’ve got the United Kingdom. A country famously monolingual, where most people think they can’t speak languages, and don’t even want to try.

And here’s why:

So there you go.

But then, on the other hand, we have the Netherlands…

You see?

It’s all about attitude.

There’s none of this fucking around, thinking, “Oh my God, I’m a bit embarrassed if I make a mistake! Oh no! I’m just not talented…” No — it’s pretty simple. Learn it. Get on with it. That’s the attitude to have. And if you’ve got that attitude when it comes to English, you will go far. Remember what I said earlier?

There are three things that you’ve got to get right if you want to improve in English. Your method, your materials, and your mindset. Mindset trumps all, because if your attitude is not conducive to doing the method and the materials part…

… it’s not gonna work anyway.

So if you’re struggling?

Sort out what’s going on in your head first.

To help you do this, I put together this free training. In it I talk about the 5 changes you need to make to master English, FAST. The first change shows you what kind mindset you need (click here).


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