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Doing English: How Julian Northbrook Mastered the World’s Hardest Language

October 27, 2017 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

People often ask me, “Hey Julian, why did you start Doing English?”

That’s a good question.

And a good story.

You see, it all started when I was still an “artist”.

Julian Northbrook – “Art Punk”

First of all, watch the video below titled “Forgetting that English Isn’t Your First Language”. 

This a film about my journey as a  language learner from constant frustration and embarrassment to living with confidence in another language – and importantly, how you can do the same. In short: it’s the story of me, Julian Northbrook. And it’s also the “Doing English” story.

Watch it now:

In the film, I mention how I found a solution to my Japanese problems. I share everything I learned on my journey to mastery in my book, Master English FAST – An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English.

Are you feeling stuck with your English and unable to progress?

Something frustrating happens to English learners.

All language learners, in fact.

Me. You. Everyone.

In the beginning, you studied hard and progressed really fast. It felt amazing. It seemed like mastering English was going to be easy. But then you reached the intermediate stage and you suddenly stop improving. You still study hard… but now it seems like nothing happens. Suddenly mastering English doesn’t seem so easy anymore – quite the opposite. As a result, you end up frustrated and feeling bad about your English.

This is very, very frustrating.

I Understand

I’ve been through the same thing myself. As a beginner in Japanese, I moved fast, and it felt great. But once I reached the intermediate stage… I stopped improving. Nothing seemed to work and I just didn’t know what to do to improve.

It felt like I’d tried everything from watching TV to creating a YouTube channel in Japanese as a way to practise.

As I talk about in my film and the introduction of my book, I felt like I’d tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

Here’s what they don’t tell you at school

Being a beginner in English is not the same as being at the intermediate level. When you know nothing about English, everything is new. If you only know one word, you’ve only got to learn one more to double your English. Because you’re a beginner, nobody expects you to speak well. This all changes once you reach the intermediate stage. Everyone expects you to become perfect in English – the bar has been raised.

Not only that but the things you did as a beginner and NOT effective at higher levels. As your English improves and changes, your learning method also needs to change.

Here’s How I Can Help

Over the years, learning Japanese and coaching high-level English learners, I’ve developed some pretty effective methods for mastering English.

And you can get started with these methods for free by clicking here.

I’ll teach you all about my Rocket Launch Method, and show you the key changes you need to make to see fast progress in English.

Here’s the place to go.

Julian Northbrook

P.S. To get the “Rocket Launch” training, click here.

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