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Am I bad at English?

May 31, 2019 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Are you bad at English? There’s probably only one accurate way to tell, in my experience. This video explains exactly how you can judge if your English is bad (or not).

Someone on Quora asked, “Am I bad at English?”

They took a test and got a bad score. So now this person is worried they are poor at speaking English. It’s common, but the truth is most tests don’t really tell you much at all about how good your speaking actually is.

There’s really only ONE way to know if you are bad at English or not.

This video explains:

So there we have it.

If you’re worried you’re bad at English and want to improve, the 90-day course might be for you. Might; but then again, maybe not. Do your due diligence.

Dr Julian Northbrook

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