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A Weird Trick to get Good at English (FAST)

May 31, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Want to get really good at English, fast?

Here’s an weird tip that I’ll share with you for free.

Actually, no, I won’t.

I’ll let my good Richard tell you —


This is exactly my experience too.

Work out. Get fit. Get healthy. And everything else follows.

For me, everything changed the day I decided to start running. At the time I was doing a masters, and I hadn’t even dreamed of starting a business… but when I started running I went from struggling to find the time to study to sailing through the programme in half the time I had available (it was a 4 year part-time programme and I finished in 2, with a distinction).

Not sure what to do?

I recommend running.


Watch this video:



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