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99 People Out of a 100 Make this Fluency Building Mistake

November 22, 2018 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

Is this you?

You don’t speak as smoothly and as automatically in English as you’d like to.

So what do you do?

Piss around, trying to learn more vocabulary, studying more grammar rules in order to fix your problem.

Hoping—praying—this will help to increase your fluency.

But I can tell you that 99 times out of 100…

… What you are doing is actually making the problem worse.

This video explains:


You see, if you wanna speak fluently and naturally in conversation, just like a native speaker does, then you need to learn to speak in the way that native speakers speak. But native speakers? They aren’t speaking using vocabulary, individual words, and grammar rules.

We used to think they did.

But really, this never actually made much sense.

Because if we really were using individual words and grammar rules and computing sentences as we go, we’d never be able to speak so fluently, so automatically, so quickly. And we’d never be able to speak in such a natural error-free way.

If you want to learn to speak in the way that native speakers speak, if you want to learn to speak fluently, increase your fluency, and speak in a more automatic manner, you need to start learning in chunks of English, big blocks of language that we store in long-term memory and we just pull out and we spit it out as we go. This is how native speakers speak so automatically, so fluently, so naturally.

We speak in prefabricated chunks of language, not with rules and words.



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