I’ll help you eliminate your English confidence problems by the end of April 2020

Because many people are stuck at home right now, afraid of the future (and in some cases even out of work) I’ve decided to put together a special package related specifically to the language-psychology aspect of speaking excellent English.

BUT − this is NOT for everyone

Do us both a favour, and only read on if this sounds like you:

  • You consistently fail to take opportunities because you believe English isn’t good enough (even though you’ve been learning for years and years).
  • You compare yourself to other people who speak better English and feel like you can never be as good as them (and in fact, you’re likely convinced you’ve got the worst English of everybody you know which makes you embarrassed to use English around them).
  • You’ve learned some English and practised at home… but you feel terrified every time you actually speak in the real world.
  • You’ve got a high level of skill in your profession, but you’re constantly held back because your English makes you “freeze” or panic.
  • You don’t get treated with the level of awe and respect you SHOULD because of your English (and utter lack of confidence therein).
  • You aren’t “talented” at English, you’re “too old” or you think it isn’t “fair” because you aren’t surrounded by native speakers to help you improve.
  • Finally, you haven’t already taken my MEFA course (or you have, but want a chance to do Week 2 again with feedback from me).

… if that sounds like you, read on.

Why does your attitude even matter?

The goal of this package is to provide you with the tools you need to develop a sense of real confidence, and really get out there and do things with English.

Improvement in English requires three things:

  1. Method that works.
  2. Materials that give you the right English (because even the best method is useless if you’re learning the wrong thing).
  3. The right Mindset (because the best method and the best materials are still useless if you’re afraid, doubt yourself and never actually DO anything with English).

I call these the “Three Pillars”.

And this package is related specifically to the third (and arguably most important) pillar: MINDSET.

Here’s what you’re going to get

The main part of this coaching programme is Week 2 from my Master English FAST Accelerator course. It’s specifically about reconditioning your mindset and attitude so that the correct behaviour follows.

The session is fairly short (an hour and 31 minutes) but in it we dive deep into the psychology of confident English speakers. We challenge many of the (false) assumptions you have about learning and using English in the real world. I teach you how to do a complete “mental declutter”, and I walk you through the 10 main “mental baggages” which are weighing you down and that you should definitely throw out.

The session also comes with:

  1. A printable note-sheet (including all the slides and space to take notes)
  2. A worksheet that consists of a series of questions you should think long and hard about, and answer based on yourself. These questions are designed to help you to dig into the excuses you’re telling yourself, and make clear the changes you need to make.
  3. Then, you’re also getting access to a special discussion group to get my personal feedback on your completed homework, as well as your questions about the session answered.
  4. Finally, you’ll also get a live group-call with me to ask any questions you have about the session (this, along with the discussion group, is how I help you customise the information personally to you).

Recently Ameet, one of my MEFA graduates, said:

“The highlight of this course is weekly homework feedback by Julian. It indicates where exactly the person stands in terms of learning.”

… and I agree.

Which is why you’re going to get the same feedback and coaching for this as a full-MEFA member would get.

I’ve created an Email discussion group which will remain open for all of April 2020. Here, you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like about the topic  (to be clear, you can ask as many questions you like – but they need to be related to confidence, attitude and language-psychology; if you want to ask questions about every aspect of mastering English, you need to join my complete MEFA course, which is about 10x the price of this short, focused session). You’ll also submit your completed worksheet here for feedback (and you can also read other people’s responses, and see their feedback. This is very important because other people will pick up on things that are also true of you, but which you missed − so you are also learning about yourself from your classmates).

Finally, sometime in April, we’ll have a group call where I can answer all of your questions and problems personally (the time/ date of this will depend on how many people we have − if there are a lot, I may do multiple calls).

But I need to warn you…

… you may find the information I share with you very uncomfortable.

You almost definitely have many−but probably all−of the 10 Mental Baggage problems I talk about. Many of these negative-behaviours you probably aren’t aware of, and you don’t know you’re doing them. But you will instantly recognise them when I explain.

In the past, I have had people get quite upset because it felt like the session was attacking them personally (this is not the case − the information comes from 14 years of work with thousands of students and coaching clients).

Some MEFA members have told me they cried when completing the worksheet because they realised how much time and effort they’d wasted on the wrong things.

To be clear: it’s BECAUSE this is uncomfortable that it’s valuable work.

But what you need to remember is, the pain is temporary. The benefits, on the other hand, are life-long.

That’s the main part of this product, but I’ve also included several valuable bonuses to help make the work easier.

You’re also going to get…

… several bonus sessions and videos I’ve made related to speaking Engish with confidence

  1. Master English FAST Quickstart: this isn’t about confidence in English exactly, but it does ABCs of my methods (this was originally a seminar I did in Taipei last year).
  2. Confidence Quickstart − Overcoming the Three fears of great English speaking: this is a mini-course that I made years ago addressing the three fears people have regarding speaking English (actually, these “three fears” are central to ALL confidence problems).
  3. Fearless Fluency pdf and audiobook: one of my Amazon best-selling books on the topic of language-psychology (the book is available to buy on Amazon, but the complete audio version is currently only available here).
  4. A Phoenix from the Ashes: Overcoming Your “Thinking Errors” with Vicki La Bouchardiere: in this hour-long interview, Vicki La B (my personal Mindset Girl who helps me with the mindset/ attitude part of my super-high-end coaching courses) goes over the main “thinking errors” which hold people back (you probably have several of these, but the good news is that just recognising them is enough to start fixing them).

How can you get this session?

You can get this special offer between now and April 6th by clicking the button below and signing up.

Right now it costs just €98.

This is less than I paid for breakfast last week in New York, so this price may go up depending on how many people join.

I’ll send links to the main session, worksheets, instructions for joining the discussion group and links to all the bonuses right away. Then you’ll have until April 30th to submit your homework for feedback and ask any questions you have (the links will remain active though, so you’ll be able to come back anytime to review them).

Click here to get this now for just €98

That’s it.

If you’ve got any questions before you join, email me here: julian@www.doingenglish.com.


P.S. To be clear, the main session is taken directly from my MEFA course. You DO NOT get access to the full course, and some of the things I mention (such as other MEFA weeks and the supplementary materials I give MEFA students) you will not have access to.

Also, if you’ve already done MEFA do not get this unless you want to ask me questions or get my feedback again (the session is exactly the same as you’ve already done).

Otherwise, the place to get this is here.