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Attitude Adjustment

Live in London June 13th & 14th

If you've ever wondered if I was always this confident, the answer is: NO! ... here's why:

Dear unconfident English Speaker,


I knew I was good at what I did, and was good at teaching English classes... and I knew I was better than most western people at speaking Japanese... 

So living in Japan should have been really easy for me.

A piece of cake, you could say.

This was me, late 2010... I had no confidence, hated my job, hated my life... and had no idea what to do to escape from it.

So why wasn't it?

As soon as I had to do something important...

As soon as I started to go wrong...

As soon as I made a single, tiny mistake...

... It was like EVERY bad experience I'd ever had came flooding back. And it was always the bad experiences. 

Never the good ones.

Always the unpleasant ones.

And I repeated the same thing almost every single day. Remembering all the mistakes I'd made and things that went wrong... constantly cringing and feeling bad about myself.

Perhaps you know this feeling?

It's like, the perfect opportunity comes your way and it should be the big breakthrough moment in your life. But because YOU'RE not perfect right now... you fail to see the opportunity and it's lost.

The second things start to go well, you suddenly doubt yourself. This was me. All. The. Time. I'd remember my failed French classes. All the times I'd screwed up. And that would be it: I'd convince myself what I was trying to do was impossible, I couldn't do it. That I was just annoying other people by "pretending" to be good.

But the worst part?

I Knew I SHOULD Be Really Confident by Now...

I should've had all the confidence in the world.

I'd certainly spent enough time and money reading about it!

But the reality was, I didn't.

Even as late as 2013 when I was working in a company, speaking only Japanese all day, every day... I STILL wasn't confident with myself.

And because of that, I let people push me around. I ended up doing things I didn't want to do. Always justifying it, saying I "had to" do it (even if I hated it) because that was all I was good enough to do.

I remmeber giving up my summer holiday one year to teach a group of high-school students English so they could get better scores on some test... I knew nothing about the test, and had to spend A LOT of timeーfar more than I actually spent teachingーpreparing.

I didn't get paid for this time...

... and neither did I get to do the things I actually wanted to do, because it took up my entire holiday.

I should have refused the job. But I just couldn't say no.

But the thing is, I'd read all the so-called "self-development" books.

All of them talked about the same thing: you've got to get your mindset right. Attitude is everything.

I mean, I knew this!!

So why was it all so fucking hard??

See, although I knew it, I wasn't actually DOING it. I wasn't applying the lessons I'd learned, and so it was all meaningless academic knowledge.

So when did I change?

Enter: The Evil Bald Genius

Around the start of 2014 I made a drastic decision.

I wanted to make the "hobby" I'd been working on for a couple of years (this little thing called "Doing English") into a full time business. At the time there was no way I could afford to quit my job and do that. So I took an easy job on a year's contract, and promised myself it would be the last job I worked.

I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I joined a business group.

And that's where I met Jon.

Jonーthe "Evil Bald Genius"ーran the group, and taught me everything I know about building and marketing a business. A year later, on April 1st 2015 I sat down for my first ever day as a full-time business owner.

But what I didn't realise was this: Jon was also teaching me a lot more than how to make money.

By learning how to 'position' myself as a business, I was also learning how to position myself as an individual.

I learned how to use my personality, instead of hiding it.

It's not that I copied Jon and wanted to become like him: rather, he made me realise it's OKーbetter, evenーto NOT be like other people, but to just be myself. 

Jon is antisocial. Has a dirty mouth and the kind of humour that in some countries would get you locked up.

Completely different to the so-called "professional" people out there.

Yet, he was (and still is) highly successful, and obviously LOVES every second of his life.

And that's what I wanted.

A life I loved, without being pushed around, bullied and walked all over by other people. My life, by my own rules.

That's why I started a business.

That's why I learned Japanese to mastery.

Over the last five years, Jon taught me everything he knows. And while we're similar in many ways, we're also different in many ways.

But that's fine.

Jon gave me permission to be myself, and not give a shit what other people think about that.

And as a result?

My life is now awesome: and it's getting better and better every day.

Look at the world around you...

In anything, the most successful people all have one thing in common: inner game.

Mentally, they're hard as nails.

Your inner game can be defined as your opinions, beliefs and values about yourself. Your ability to achieve your dreams and reach your goals.

All of this starts in your head.

Read this extract from the author of 'The Devil Wears Prada', Lauren Weisberger’s “The Single’s Game”:

"With all due respect, Peter, I’m not Marcy.’ 
Todd had set down his fork and turned to look at Charlie’s dad. 
"Of course Charlotte needs to be fit. But that won’t mean shit without the whole package. Yes, her backhand’s great, blah, blah. Again, not enough. She needs a body that can cover the court and not give out during tough, hot three-setters and killer strokes, but then what?
Attitude, that’s what.
Does she want it?
Does she really, really want it?
Does she want it so bad she can fucking taste it?
If the answer is yes, then Charlie needs to show that."

Charlie is a tennis player, and a damn good one. 

Todd is her coach.

Charlie has got it all, and that’s taken her to being ranked in the top 20 top female players in the world. But she’s missing the all-important ingredient to go further: Attitude.

And without that, all her tennis skills don’t mean shit.

This is fiction, of course.

But it's fiction based on a very, very real reality.

In an interview, New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra said, "Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical".

He probably wasn't the first person to say this, because it's a well-known fact in sports − 90% of the result is down to an athletes inner game, not their physical skill.

And it's not just true of sports.

It's true of EVERYTHING you do. Knowing the words and rules of a language is useless if you don't have the confidence to actually use it.

Take a look at this chart:

Small 'adjustments' made to your attitude now become REALLY big differences over time.

BUT: they can become enormous positive differences... or devastating, negative differences...

Without the right mental "tools" each failure damages your confidence a little more. Very quickly, you lose confidence and doubt yourself. You become traumatised. And you start to fear yourself and stop giving things your best.

Soon, you quit.

The good news is, no matter where you are now, it's not too late.

Jon is my mentor.

And later, so was (and still is) Vicki La Bouchardiere who helped me through some of my darker moments in life.

And now, along with me, they are YOUR mentors for two whole days.

But understand this: it might be uncomfortable.

Because you are going to have to make a serious...

Attitude Adjustment

The goal of Attitude Adjustment is simple: to provide you with the tools you need to develop your own strong "Inner Game", and really get out there and do things with English.

Improvement in English requires three things:

  1. A Method that works.
  2. Materials that give you the right English (because even the best method is useless if you're learning the wrong thing).
  3. The right Mindset (because the best method and the best materials are still useless if you're afraid, doubt yourself and never actually DO anything with English).

I call these the "Three Pillars".

I've covered the first two extensively in my MEFA course and in my prestigious Extraordinary English Speakers programme.

And now, for the first time, I'm going to share with your EVERYTHING I've learnt over the years about attitude.

Does this sound like you?

Do you:

  1. You still feel terrified every time you actually speak.
  2. You've got a high level of skill in your profession, but you're constantly held back by your English... even though you've already reached a high level.
  3. You compare yourself to other people who speak "better" English, and feel like you can never be as good as them.
  4. You're convinced you've got the worst English of everybody you know (and you're embarrassed using English around them).
  5. You don't get treated with the level of awe and respect you SHOULD because of your English (and utter lack of confidence therein).
  6. You consistently fail to take opportunities because you believe English isn't good enough.
  7. You want to live life in your own way, on your own terms and by your own rules...

... if you answered yes to any of these questions, Attitude Adjustment is for you.

So what exactly are we going to do together?

Attitude Adjustment is split over two days, and both days will be me (Julian Northbrook) and my personal mentors, Jon McCulloch and Vicki La Bouchardiere speaking about attitude, confidence, personality and speaking in a way that puts even native English speakers to shame.

In a nutshell, you're going to learn the same things I did to go from a shy, "people pleaser" and struggling in my life to being the confident person I am today.

Day 1: June 13th

Day 1 will be a bigger, more general event on the topic of attitude, confidence and inner game when speaking English as a second language.

Day 2: June 14th

Day 2 will but a much more advanced discussion, and is for you if you've determined to be the best of the best in English.

People who come to the VIP day are also going do the "Judgement Index" assessment (JI), which is the same attitude and mindset assessment I use with one-on-one coaching clients.

I'm not qualified to administer the Judgment Index because it requires special training... but my "Mindset Girl", Vicki La Bouchardiere is. Vicki does the JI for my coaching clients, and normally charges £350 for this assessment. But I've agreed to pay the fee for you (maximum of 12 people). So the assessment, detailed "attitude report" and feedback from Vicki comes included with your VIP ticket.

Should you come to both days?

Now, if at this point you're into the idea of coming to Attitude Adjustment, but aren't really sure whether you should come for the full VIP two days, or just for the first day...

... my guess is it is because you don't know who Vicki is, or what the Judement Index is all about.

So, without further ado:

What is the Judgment Index, and why should you do it?

Rather than me trying to explain is, I got Vicki to come on and talk to you about it:

Now, if you've skipped to here without watching the video...

.... let me summarise:

  1. The Judgement Index is a psychometric that gives us very detailed, customised information about things that affect your attitude and your ability to perform well in English (based on around 80 different indicators).
  2. Importantly, many of the things the JI picks up are NOT things you are aware of (it picks up things that are happening in your subconscious).
  3. It picks up weaknesses and strengths (again, many of which you won't be aware of right now ー but the JI will make them crystal clear to you).
  4. It's different to a personality test you might do online: the JI needs a professional to analyse and interpret the data, and unlike other assessments the JI is completely customised to you personally (there are 12.8 trillion possible outcomes from the assessment ー so it's truly personal).
  5. Vicki will go through your results with you one-to-one, and you'll get a detailed report to take home with you.
  6. All of my one-on-one coaching clients (paying me €3000~€5000 for coaching) have done the JI with Vicki, and all of them have said the results totally changed the way they thought about themselves and speaking English.

Note: only people who come to the full two day event (and only the first 12) we will be able to take the Judgement Index.

A bit more about the speakers...

Both days will be me (Julian Northbrook) and my personal mentors, Jon McCulloch and Vicki La Bouchardiere speaking about attitude, confidence, personality and speaking in a way that puts even native English speakers to shame.

Here's a little bit about Jon and Vicki...

Jon McCulloch, aka. "The Evil Bald Genius"

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Let's get you registered...

Right, with that...

How do you register to come along to this once-in-a-lifetime event?

I'll be frank: putting on an event like this is expensive, and I have to cover my costs.

So don't expect attending to be cheap.

But the good news is this: if you register before February 29th (or before all the "Early Bird" Places are filled: whichever comes first) you'll get to come at a lower cost than everybody else will have to pay.

The Location

The event will be in London on June 13th and 14th @Radisson Blu Hotel (right by Stansted airport).

But first...

A Couple of Warnings!

  1. Because places are limited (and because I have to pay deposits based on the number of attendees)  there are strictly no refunds on your fee if you decide not to come
  2. We will be filming the event, and although Alex (my video guy) will be filming me and the other speakers, your face may appear in the video. If this is a problem, you shouldn't come (or at the very least, sit well away from the camera).
  3. This goes without saying, but I'm not for everyone. Neither is Jon or Vicki. If you're hoping for a clean, professional event... where the speakers are dressed in cheap, shitty suits and ties and are very polite... it won't be. My language is bad, Jon's is worse. Vicki's sense of humour is crude and shocks even me sometimes. So if you're going to get offended and cry over swearing or un-PC humour, don't come.

If you're thick skinned and up for a bit of fun while learning something insanely useful, definitely do come.

 The place to register is here:

Early Bird Pricing Registration

  • Day 1 only €200 for the day - Max 30 people
  • Includes: Pass for Day 1,  Recording of Day 1 of the event (only people who come along as VIP will get the complete 2-days). 
  • Day 1 & VIP Day 2 €650Max 12 People
    • (or pay over four months @€200/month).
  • Includes: A VIP pass for both days, Lunch for both days, Dinner is on me [but you buy drinks yourself], Accommodation at the hotel included in the price, The Judgement Index Assessment and follow up coaching, And recordings of the whole event.


We start at 9am and finish at 17:30 each day. Tea, coffee and lunch provided (and dinner for VIPs).

This "Early Bird" pricing will be available until February 29th, or until all discounted-places are filled. After, it'll go up to full price.

Bring a guest?

Whether you come on Day 1 only or both days, you can bring up to one guest free of charge. ​

But the following rules apply:

  1. You have to email me to let me know
  2. If you come for the VIP event your guest has to share your roomーor book their own room (I won't pay for it).
  3. Your guest has to be able to understand enough English to follow the discussion.

Come Along 100% Risk Free

If you're on the fence, but concerned that Attitude Adjustment won't be worth your investment, here's what I'll do: come along, 100% risk free and if you leave at the end of the event and think it wasn't worth 10 times what you paid, I'll refund your registration fee and travel costs.

Why am I willing to do this?

Because I know what we share with you in Attitude Adjustment has the potential to transform your life. It already has mine, and it has my one-on-one coaching clients.

Can't say fairer than that.


That's about it.

Get yourself registered, either as a VIP (recommended) or just for the 1st day, and I'll confirm ASAP.

All the best,

Julian Northbrook

P.S. If you've got a question before you register, email me julian@www.doingenglish.com

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