Advanced English Conversation

What is ‘advanced English conversation’? What is the difference between someone who is Okay at English conversation… and someone who is REALLY good?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s nothing to do with the actual words and grammar you know.

Recently one of my clients asked me: “Why does small talk tend to be so difficult for English learners?”

There are many reasons, of course. But generally speaking I believe the three biggest to be:

  1. They’ve learnt the wrong language (e.g. you spend all your time studying newspapers then wonder why you can’t understand casual conversation — an extreme example to be sure, but a surprisingly common one).
  2. They learn only the language — they don’t have interesting things to say.
  3. They don’t bother to learn the skill of conversation itself and therefore never notice the subtleties of what natives say, and importantly WHY they say it (and you’ll remember from the beginning of this discussion that this is one of the things that native speakers said they find difficult about conversing with English learners).

And that’s where this book comes in.

Advanced English Conversation, “The what, why and how of speaking extraordinarily well in English Conversation”, will show you step by step what you need to do to become advanced in conversation as an English learner, why those things are important… and HOW to get everything you need to learn, learned.

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