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Accelerator Model 8: “Enhance” Your English Speaking

February 15, 2021 , by Dr Julian Northbrook

I’ve said this time and time again: just learning English is not enough.

You can have fluency, naturalness and perfect pronunciation. But if you’ve got no confidence when it comes to speaking with people in English, it’s all meaningless.

Yes, your English will sound good.

You’ll have refinement.

But you’ll doubt yourself constantly.

You’ll also fail to impress people or have the kind of impact you want in your work and life with English.

This is where ENHANCE comes in.

The third Accelerator:

Really, speaking in English is two skills.

It’s the skill of English.

But it’s also the skill of conversation in English: understanding the social norms and dynamics of language in the real world.


How people think in English.

The way people use words to do interesting things.

These things are different to what you already know in your first language (and many people aren’t very good at it in their native language either ー plenty of native English speakers are fluent, but really bad communicators).

It also means developing yourself as a person.

Being interesting.

Someone people want to talk to.

All of this stuff acts like an amplifier: taking what’s already there and boosting it into something much, much better. English that sounds good and feels good. Both for you, and for the people listening to you speak.

Luckily, there’s a framework you can learn and follow which makes it much, much easier.

And we do that in MEFA.

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